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Handle Magnet


Powerful handle magnet with ergonomic handle lifts and holds large pieces of sheet metal quickly during fabrication. Or use as a hook to hang equipment on a vertical steel surface. Quickly clean up scattered iron objects including screws, nuts and bolts, or separate ferrous metal items from non-ferrous metal. Permanent magnetism guaranteed.


Designed to hold flat steel surfaces, nails, hand tools, and other ferrous items on contact.

100 pounds pull rated on direct contact with 1/4" thick, flat, and smooth ferrous steel plate while pulling magnet perpendicular to steel plate. Pounds of pull are less on thinner ferrous steel surfaces or steel with lower iron content. Layers of paint and other finishes decrease the pounds of pull.

Magnet assembly is enclosed with durable red plastic with easy-grip rubber handle.

Remove ferrous steel from magnet by hand. Magnet does not have a release mechanism.

Includes two Magnetic Shields to block magnetic strength when not in use, allowing easy storage in a toolbox without attracting other tools.


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