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Magnetic Sweeper

Magnetic sweeper quickly and easily clears workshop and factory floors, sports pitches and car parks of spill items or potentially damaging and dangerous metal debris such as nails, pins, staples and metal fragments. The magnets in the sweeper are powerful enough to pull heavy metals from hard surfaces and low carpet. Features include a one-pull release to quickly clear debris from the sweeper. An ideal magnetic sweeper to increase safety by clearing sharp metal, retrieve nuts or bolts and prevent flat tires over loose nails.


  Model: CPMS5069

  Shipping Weight: 30lb.-50lb.

  Handle extends from 30''to 44-1/2''

  Available in 18'',  24'',  30'',  36''

Model: NMF0105

13" wide for sweeper head

Handle extends from 27''to 40''

Easily pick up 1.5 pounds of 13mm bolts, approximately 300 pieces




Available in 14'' and 24''

 Shipping Weight: 20.5lb. and 41lb.


Model: MFSM

Available in 12'', 24'' and 36''

Shipping Weight: 17lb., 27lb. and 41lb.



Mini Magnetic Floor Sweeper

Model: 07263

Available in 14.5'' and 27''




Load Release Suspension Mount Magnetic Sweeper

Load Release Suspension Mount Magnetic Sweeper for use on multi-surface applications. Ideal for pavement, gravel, rough terrain, and uneven surfaces. Magnetic sweeper unit suspends quickly and easily from any type of service vehicle.  Release debris quickly and easily by simply pulling up on the top release bar

Model: MRSRX

Available in 36'', 48'', 60'' and 72''

Shipping Weight: 175lb., 250lb., 300lb. and 350lb.

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