About Us

ChinaPower Magnetics is committed to serving our customers' needs through the following statements:

Vision Statement
ChinaPower Magnetics will develop and market quality magnetic products to help our customers and their companies become more productive, profitable and competitive.

Mission Statement
We will provide our customers with products that:
● reduce their costs of production and marketing
● improve their ability to respond to the competitive marketplace
● complement their existing technology and improve the performance of those technologies.

Company Values
● We create strategic relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees
● We behave in a professional manner in all of our interactions
● We create opportunities based on meritocracy and individual contributions
● We have fun in what we do

Customer Service
● Sales staff that knows your industry and products
● Creative staff designers and engineers to solve your unique problems
● Complete overseeing of your project from design to installation
● Safe, durable products that work  
● Pricing that is always very competitive

By sending emails to us, we will help you with your ordering and delivery needs as well as your technical support needs quickly and efficiently. We will try our best to solve all of your requirements immediately. And we stock all required repair parts and can assist you in troubleshooting and requisitioning of all parts.

What we have done, we are doing and we will do is simply to help you succeed.


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Tel: +86 371 69599091 Fax: +86 371 69599092 Email: info@cpmagnetics.com
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