How to select a correct model of permanent lifting magnet for your applications
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Select the correct model of permanent lifting magnet for your applications

The holding value of permanent lifting magnet decrease in some cases. To make sure the correct permanent lifting magnets are selected for your various applications, you first need to determine the type of ferrous material being lifted and the condition of its surface:



Steel Stype 

Holding Value 



Surface Finish 

Holding Value 


Low Carbon 



Ground Surface 



Moderate Carbon 



Rough Machined 



High Carbon 



Foundry Finish 



Cast Iron 



Rough Cast 


The Material's thickness, surface finish and any air gap caused by dirt, paint finish, oil, water, slag etc. are very critical factors when selecting the correct lift magnet.

The formula for calculating the lifting strength is:

T x F x M x G x Capacity

T = Thickness
F = Surface Finish
M = Material
G = Air Gap
C = Capacity

For example:

The material you want to lift is a 300kg high carbon steel with a thickness of 40mm and rough machined surface. Lets say you have decided that a CPPML300 magnet is the right model for your application. For flat steel( air gap=0mm), the rated lifting strength is 300kgs.

Apply Formula For Model CPPML300 Application

T = 40mm, G = 0mm (According to the safety capability curve of model CPPML300, you can find T=100% and G=100%), F = F2, M = M3, C = 300

Using the above table and formula, we can determine the lifting strength of the chosen model to lift your material:

100% x 100% x 75% x 100% x 300 = 225kg

With a lifting strength of 225 kgs, for this application, the formula indicates the model chosen is wrong and will not safely lift the high carbon steel weighing 300 kgs.

The correct lifting magnet for this lift application is the Model CPPML600
100% x 100% x 75% x 100% x 600 =450kgs > 300kgs

Note: This formula also applies to cylindrical materials, such as round steel, pipe, tube, bar etc. But your result needs to be reduced in value by 30%-50%.

Any help you need when selecting a correct lifting magnet for your applications, please don't hesitate to call us or send us an email, our experienced technical staffs will provide you with our professional and prompt services. Thank you.

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